Saturday, June 7, 2014

Nature's Light and Water

Hi All,

    In Today's Scenario, We all are dealing with so many issues, like

  • Electricity, 
  • Water Crisis, 
  • Traffic, 
  • Pollution, 
  • Darkness, 
  • Crime, 
  • Fuel Prices, 
  • Climate, n Many More....
This is because we forget the Nature's Power,
We forgot what natures has given us & not using those Sources to full extent.

So here is an IDEA, which helps us to overcome 2 Major Issues -
  • Electricity, 
  • Water Crisis.
with the helps of Natural Resources.

Idea :-
Solar (Panels) Roof Over Roads with Rain Water Harvesting System & Advertisements

The basic concept is to install Solar Panels Above Roads (City, Village, Highways), so that we can capture the Maximum Sunlight & we can use it, to Generate the Electricity.

& Since Solar Panels are Installed above the Roads & roads connect the entire city, so we can supply Nature's Electricity to Entire City during Night Time.

Also Solar Panels will be installed at an Angle (Latitude North) of the Particular Place, i.e. those Panels will be Slightly in Tilted Position, Which helps us to Save lot of Rain Water during Rainy Seasons, with the help of Rain Water Harvesting System.

More Details will be Updated Soon....

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