Friday, May 16, 2014

Funds for Solar Roads - Advertisements

Hi All,

         As we know, Solar Power is a Clean & Free Energy Source, but still its not Implemented to it Full Extents, i.e. Not Everywhere,

Since the Major Issue with Solar Energy is its Land RequirementInitial Installation Cost, which is Really Very High,

So the Solution for Land Requirements are ROADS, which is available in Plenty & also Covers the whole Country.

& the solution for FUNDS are Advertisements,

As stated in Idea, There will be Multiple Advertisements on Roads (Side Lane Road & Road Divider), which cover the Major Cost of Installation of Solar Panels above the Road.

If 1 Meter (Width) Advertisement Boards are Provided to Advertisers & Height of those boards can be any, either 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 Meter or Above, than around 4000 Advertisers can advertise in 1 KM Road,

& hence the total Installation cost will be divided by 4000, which helps in reducing cost for Individual Advertisers to advertise on Roads.

So, FUNDS by Advertisers, Solves the Issue of High Installation Cost, & Hence Solar Panels Can be Installed Easily on Roads.

Simultaneously 2 process can be done :- 
(a) Funds for Installation of Solar Panels, will be provided by Advertisers, So Less Time is required to supply Clean Energy Everywhere.  
(b) Govt. Subsidy amount can be utilized in R&D work, to make solar panels 100% Efficient, which are currently around 25%.

As i get too many feedbacks with some common questions like, 
1. They are worried about Excess of Advertisements on Roads, which they feel are too distracting for public (driving vehicles).
          I think, Initially there may be distraction but after its full implementation, distraction will also reduces Exponentially, as people get used to it (like shops, malls, supermarkets, etc. near the road, won't distract a lot) & also normal roads will become more Happening via those Ads !!!

2. In Some countries, Advertisements are banned on side of roads due to more chances of Accidents.
         I think, Initially there were only business benefit of Ads on side of roads, but now, we can save our Planet - Earth, by utilizing Clean Energy to its Max. & with those Ads, the implementation of Solar is Possible Everywhere, Quite Quickly, so Govt. need to rethink of the rules regarding Ads on Road Side !!!

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