Saturday, May 24, 2014

Solar Roads With Rain Water Conservation

Hi All,

    As discussed earlier, the Concept is to Generate Electricity via Solar Energy & also to Conserve the Maximum Rain Water for Useful Purpose.

So below image describes, how actually the Idea (Concept) looks like,

After Implementation of Solar Panels above Roads, We'll be able to Generate Huge Amount of Electricity & we can save those electricity in 2 ways,

1. Either with Batteries for storing of generated electricity, which is placed below those Solar Panels & at Road Dividers


2. Providing Net-Metering System i.e. Feed-In-Tariff System by utilizing already installed street light Poles & Cable to centralized electricity distribution board.


Since Roads are present in Every City & Connects Every City, So there will be enough Electricity for each Area of a Country.

More Details will be Updated Soon....

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